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Posted by: admin on: September 4, 2011

Little Island Comics will open its doors for the first time this Tuesday, September 6th. While our official ‘grand opening’ is a few weeks away, feel free to come by and get a sneak-peak at the shop and what we’re going to be offering!

Little Island illustration by Geneve Firanski. Little Island logo by Steve Manale.

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This looks great! So excited to see it!

What a fantastic idea! I fully support this. 🙂

Great idea! I would love to visit your comic book store. You should definitely open a branch in the U.S. (do it in LA, do it in LA)! We need more comic book stores full of love and passion!

A friend just told me about your opening. WOOHOO, your shop sounds wonderful! I must go visit soon, and will spread the word.

Great Idea!
I hope you guys set up a Facebook, Twitter accts. also to keep us updated!

We’re @littleislandcmx on twitter. Facebook account to follow!

This is fantastic news! I recently published a kids comic, “Princeless” through Action Lab Comics and you’d be amazed how hard it is to get the general comic retail population to take notice of a kids book, none the less one that isn’t from the big two!

Congrats Chris et al,

While I was hoping to make it over to Bathurst on opening day, I couldn’t make it – and still haven’t been able to! But I look forward to browsing your wares and buying some books 🙂


This is AMAZING! A comic shop for kids!!! I’ll have to visit with the whole Ultraist family. Hope you folks set a trend with this one!

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What is Little Island Comics?

Little Island Comics is the world's only comic book shop just for kids! We carry the widest possible assortment of things that fall under the umbrella of comics and visual narrative for kids up to age 12.

We're located right next door to our parent shop The Beguiling Books & Art, at the top of Toronto's vibrant Kensington Market, making this a one-stop-shop for the whole family's graphic novel needs!

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